What is a Cookie
and What Does DeVoll.com do with them?


 Each time your computer makes a request for a page in certain areas of DeVoll.com, a small file ("a cookie" or "tag") is written to your computer memory.  This ("cookie") is then sent back to our computer each time you request another page (or browse to another location) at our site.  This cookie is used during your stay on our site only to maintain information concerning the status of your "session" to help our computer manage what it's doing during your stay ("called a session") here at DeVoll.com.  You see, there can be anywhere from just a few seconds to several hours between requests for the next or a previous page of information such as with a 'shopping cart'.    Many times its important for us to know which of many computers we're talking to and which step which computer is on.  Also, we can use the 'tag' to validate that you are a legitimate visitor to certain areas where you must logon, and in some cases it helps us find registration information we need to keep track of while you go from one page to another.   But this ("Cookie") does not contain either your username or your password. We do not collect any information from your computer or about you and only use the cookie to keep track of ("multi-screen sessions") or to authenticate your registration.

By design, cookies have an expiration date when the data is erased from your computer memory.  In most cases we set the cookie to be erased from your computer upon closing your browser.  In other areas its handy for our computer to know if you have visited our site before, therefore the information (a small file) is set to persist in your computer for a longer period, but never more than about three months.  We believe if you don't visit more frequently than that, our site has changed enough that we should treat your session as a new visitor.

Your browser may be set to give you a warning dialog box in advance of accepting a cookie. Because of the design of our system, if you choose not to accept a cookie, browsing our site may be slower, or your username and password will not be validated and you will not be able to use password protected areas of DeVoll.com.  We hope we have put your mind at ease a little about the meaning of cookies and how we use them.

If you'd like more detailed information, click here   http://www.pearland.com/cookie.htm , but be warned, the information given here is much more negative about cookies.




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